Practice concept

High-quality dentistry and dental hygiene at the dental practice of Dr Meier

Your dentist in Basel

The practice in the heart of the city of Basel is located between Aeschenplatz and the banking quarter. We see ourselves as a customer-oriented motivated team for high-quality, individual dental work for young and old. We can offer you the full range of treatments.

The two dentists, the three dental hygienists and a prophylaxis assistant have four well equipped treatment rooms available, equipped with digital X-ray, digital OPT, modern ultrasound equipment and dental loupe aids. A complete, strict hygienic concept as well as the appropriate use of high-quality materials will give you peace of mind. The whole team attends advanced training courses and hence can combine modern treatment methods with many years of experience to your benefit. In addition, we work together with acknowledged specialists, who assist us towards achieving our high-level goals.

Naturally, we endeavour to make the sessions as stress-free as possible by avoiding waiting times and striving for ideal pain control. We establish an accurate diagnosis for every patient after a thorough examination,
their oral health condition and, if necessary, a therapy plan. We discuss this in detail, highlight the advantages and disadvantages and discuss the alternatives. We take the time to respond to the individual needs of patients, and to plan and implement the ideal treatment appropriate to their situation and requirements.

Our dental treatments are based on three main areas:
prophylaxis, tooth preservation and aesthetic and functional rehabilitation.

Prophylaxis is the most important area of dentistry, on the one hand avoiding of new disease in healthy teeth, whilst on the other hand helping to keep

restored teeth healthy for as long as possible.

Preservation is the absolute focus in terms of the treatment of diseased teeth. The treatment of caries ranges from composite fillings - amalgam-free of course - to ceramic or gold inlays and crowns. If a tooth is affected by deep decay or there is already inflammation in the bone, it can often be saved by root canal treatment. Likewise, even teeth affected by severe periodontal disease can usually still be stabilised and preserved with new and careful treatment methods. If a tooth can effectively no longer be saved or if already existing dentures need to be renewed, we strive for natural-looking "new teeth" both aesthetically and functionally. This is done either by means of conventional dental prosthetics such as bridges or removable (partial) prosthetics, but also by the implantation of artificial tooth roots made of titanium (implants).