Our Range

From check-up to paediatric dentistry and dentures in Basel

We work with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, such as ultrasound, lasers and dental loupes, yet people remain the focus of our attention.

Before the start of treatment, we discuss the different therapy options. We welcome both children and elderly patients.

An overview of our range

Prevention (prophylaxis)

Healthy teeth and gums through our dental hygienists and prophylaxis assistants.

Our treatment ranges from simple cleaning of the teeth to complex measures for periodontal disease. 


Conservative and surgical periodontal treatment with regenerative measures.

As support we use modern laser devices.

Fillings (conservative dentistry)

We use dental loupes so that we can process our fillings better.

This increases the precision in terms of diagnosis and treatment, as well as in terms of corrections in colour and shape.

Root canal treatment (endodontics)

If root canal treatment is indicated, it forms the basis for any further therapy. Consistent use of dental loupes guarantees high treatment safety (freedom from pain and exclusion of complications).

State-of-the-art electronic instruments also enable a gentle approach, even with complex root canals.
We attach importance to the use of biologically safe active substances. The laser used in addition to conventional therapy allows a shorter treatment time

with stable results over the long-term.

Dentures (prosthetics)

A: Permanently attached

Crown and bridges including state-of-the-art materials (all-ceramic)

B. Removable

Total and partial dentures (prosthetics)

Practice - Dr. med. dent. Eric Meier

Implantology (artificial tooth roots)

Das Setzen von Zahnimplantaten, auch mit Knochenaufbauten, gehört in unserer Praxis zu den Routineaufgaben.

Dental surgery

Surgical tooth removal (wisdom teeth)

Tooth root tip resection

Gum corrections / plastic surgery

Dental implants

Rare and highly complex cases will be referred to trusted professional specialists.

Disorders of the masticatory function (myoarthropathy)

Treatment for teeth grinding (bruxism)

Restoring the natural chewing function (teeth, mandibular joint, muscles)

Paediatric dentistry

We welcome children of all ages.

Tooth position corrections (orthodontics)

For removable as well as permanently attached devices, we work together with highly specialised SSO orthodontists.


Sports protections

Tooth lightening / whitening (bleaching)

Tooth jewellery ("twinkles"/ diamonds, no drilling, completely removable)









We adhere to the dental tariff as set by the Swiss Dental Association (SSO).

New Rate

Dentotar: Fr. 1.05--


Individual advice and quality are more important to us than cheap solutions.

Download: SSO tariffs



SSO Swiss Dental Association

ZGB Dental Association of the canton of Basel-Stadt

ITI International Team for Implantology

SSE Swiss Society for Endodontology